Tips for Learning Success

1. Intention

Intention is very large role in influencing the success or failure of our study. Intend that we learn simply to fulfill our obligations as a Muslim that is should be studying, so make learning as part of worship.

Start by reading basmalah, Allah willing, we will concentrate on learning.

2. Surroundings

Environmental factors affecting the success of learning of them: parents, teachers and friends, although of course our own intelligence greatly affect the success in learning. But because it is the inside and not outside factors then it is not included in the factors surrounding environment.

The role of parents and teachers is very important in education but the most important is how we develop independent and creative attitude in the learning process and not an instant result that is only successful when there is supervision of parents or teachers.
And another factor to consider is with whom we interact. Find friends who can motivate us to compete in their studies.

3. Learning Facilities

Quality books at home, in school libraries, played a role in the success of our study, especially in the development of reading interests.

The atmosphere of the place belajarpun will affect our comfort in learning.

Another thing that is quite important in the learning process in this technological era is a computer and Internet connection. So much quality information which is available free on the internet that can be utilized.

4. How to Learn

Learn the correct way is to learn the lesson material gradually, little by little. Everytime we get a lesson so do not delay in learning.
In general we are still accustomed to studying in the final moments, a day before the test. Not surprisingly, academic achievement is also not very good.

One technique to note is read speed reading techniques. With this technique we were taught to read the index, table of contents, titles and subtitles and read its contents quickly by using only the eye and do not use the lips, and read the questions. In a short time, we expected to already know in general what is discussed in the book.

What is taught the technique is that we immediately know the contents of the entire book in general, so if you need to read it later, we already know in which books and which parts we can read it again. So do not misjudge that after reading quickly finished our task to read the book in question.

May Allah give strength to us in their studies and seek His Rida ... Amiin ...
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